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Favourite Dr.Hauschka product: Rose Day Cream

Rose Day Cream

In the winter months the skin is exposed to exceptional stresses: dry, warm air indoors – damp, cold air outside. This is why the right day care for the skin is especially important during the cold season. Rose Day Cream, the most popular classic from the Dr.Hauschka Face Care range, provides the skin with everything it needs to get safely through the winter. With its tried and trusted qualities it offers ideal protection against wind and weather.

A winter coat for the face

Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream acts like a winter coat: shea butter, rose wax and beeswax with extract of avocado form a film on the skin and give it the necessary protection. But Rose Day Cream can do even more – with its special properties and extracts of roses it develops a balm-like, conditioning action and supports the structure of normal skin, as well as that of dry or sensitive skin. With over 30 roses in each tube, it will always be a soothing winter favorite.

Maintains the moisture content of the skin

Even after 50 years of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care, Rose Day Cream is as well loved as on day one. This is due, among other things, to its harmonising influence on skin functions. Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream agreeably regulates the oil-moisture balance of the skin. The tried and tested skincare product is readily absorbed and lastingly protects the sensitive skin of the face against drying out, aided by costly ingredients such as rose oil, rose petal wax and specially rhythmitised extracts of rose petals and rose hips. Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream also makes dry, flaky skin velvety soft and silky. After application Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream continues to maintain hydration over many hours.

Beneficial for red, blotchy skin and broken capillaries

Skin prone to blotchiness and broken capillaries (couperose) benefits especially from Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream with its protective action. The strength and the softness of the rose combine to act with other natural substances for optimum care of the fine structure of the skin. So with Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream winter always shows itself from its best side.

Ingredients: Water, Arachis Oil, Marshmallow Root Extract, Beeswax, Avocado Oil Extract, St. John’s Wort Extract, Shea Butter, Lecithin, Essential Oils, Rose Wax, Rose Petal and Rose Hip Extracts.