We use organic, wildcrafted, highly-vibrant, skin care products created in shop that are chosen specific to the needs of your skin.  All of our treatments are customizable, so please let us know of any concerns you may have. 

Holistic Skin Care Treatments

No one's skin is the same, So why should your skin care be?


At Bradshaw Pure Esthetics, there is only one facial: Your's.

No need to pick from a long list of options, each facial is completely unique and tailored to the clients skin type and conditions. Expect a 15 minute complementary consultation prior to your first appointment. Here, we can establish your skin care goals and a plan created just for you while enjoying a cup of healing tea.

Using a unique, apothecary style back bar, each product is hand crafted for your skin alone. A perfect way to unwind and achieve the best results for your skin!

h o l i s t i c f a c i a l


Includes treatment of face, neck and décolleté.

May include any or all of the following depending on your skins current needs and the time chosen. 

deep cleanse | exfoliation | bespoke apothecary whole-plant masks | upper + lower body massage | floral + herbal hydrosols | deep hydration | gua sha stone massage | advanced facial massage | herbal infused oils and balms | scalp massage | colour therapy | foot soak | lymphatic stimulation | uplifting herbal compresses | application of day care products

All masks are made by hand using organic, plant-based, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

 60 mins | $95

*100 mins | $130

 120 mins | $155

regular monthly clients receive 90 min at $110

* m o s t   p o p u l a r   t i m e

Some of the things a facial will achieve:

decongesting | depuffing | contouring | sculpting | tension-melting | glowing radiant skin | bright, youthful eyes | elegant long neck | clear sinuses

**** For a long time we exclusively used the Dr. Hauschka Line, now we have broken down our treatment masks, and instead of using already formulated masks, we are utilizing local (and some international) herbs, roots and berries to give you the freshest most effective mask during your treatments. If you prefer to receive a Classical Dr. Hauschka Treatment, place specify when making an appointment.


Add on’s


24k Gold

Gold stimulates collagen production and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Add in your very own gold treatment, with either full face or under eye treatment! Cleopatra herself used gold masks on a regular basis to keep her skin glowing, hydrated, and radiant.

Eye treatment $ 18

Full Face $55


For all skin types. A luxury C B D facial treatment, taking advantage of the amazing anti-oxidative, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits gifted to us by this non-psychoactive herb. A targeted facial treatment and loads of massage with CBD infused coconut oil. Prepare to be blissed out!




Elixirs & Tonics

Start any treatment with a customized beverage to enhance the glow. Depending on whats going on, we will pick the right tonic or Elixir for your specific needs.

Our Elixirs and Tonics are both different kinds of extraction. Elixirs involve a decoction, to extract water soluble aspects of certain herbs, like essential polysaccharides and certain alkaloids. We then use organic cane spirits and/or vegetable glycerin (palm and coconut base) to extract and naturally preserve the elixir. As for tonics they are more potent, and usually extracted directly as a tincture or glycerite. They are extracted with potent ratios using 8:1 or 10:1 (herbs to liquid). For example, for our mushroom medicines (Adaptogenic Tonic + Soma Elixir) we also do the crack cell wall extraction by slow cooking them for a period of 4-5 days, to ensure that we are truly extracting their chemistry.

$2-$3 a teaspoon