Welcome to Bradshaw Pure Esthetics holistic skincare and esthetics studio.

Your skin is a flexible, strong yet sensitive organ. You and your skin cannot be classified as a single ‘type’: you need the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life. Our intention is to encourage and support you in finding your way back to balance with quality products and ingredients.

Hi, my name is Diana Bradshaw. Nothing gives me more joy than bringing harmony to the skin and the benefit you receive for the entire body for days to come after a treatment. Our effective yet uncomplicated skin care is well worth a try. I think it was ingrained in me from a young age from my beautiful mom, a dietitian, that the health of our skin is influenced not only by what we apply externally but what we eat and how we live. Growing up, I realized it is a healthy lifestyle that will produce the most powerful effects.

I fell into organic skin care by chance in 2005 and in October 2007 Bradshaw Pure Esthetics was born. I wanted to help people find their way to a holistic approach. Even before it was the cool thing to do!

I’m a certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician and a graduate from Concept School of Cosmetology. I have advanced education and background in medical esthetics, makeup artistry, diabetic foot care, brow shaping and expert skill in hard wax. After working with the holistic line Dr. Hauschka I fell in love with the natural approach to skin care. Seeing first hand, the results a natural line had over chemical peels, microdermabrasion, aggressive facial treatments, all in the name of beauty, I decided to stick with nature. The last 13 years working with Dr. Hauschka has taught me that quick fixes don’t work long-term. My goal is to find the root cause, not just the symptoms, and work from there to achieve the results long term. I’ve now branch out to formulating our skincare preparations. I never set out to be a formulator, but with changes in distribution of my German line, I decided to instead utilize local herbs and create my own plant medicine.

The secret is nurturing beauty from inside as well as on the surface, caring for both body and soul in a way that will naturally result in the smooth skin and radiant glow of good health whether one is eighteen or eighty.

Get in touch with your inner beauty and rhythms.

I would love to welcome you to Bradshaw Pure Esthetics so you can experience what a little support can do!

To book call 902-404-4009 or email me at PureEsthetics@eastlink.ca. There is no receptionist so please leave me a detailed message as I may be in treatment.




Hi my name is Macy! I'm new to Canada, coming from Dominican Republic on April 15th 2016. I'm very calm and chilled out from island life. Most people think I'm a stuffed animal or don't even know I'm here. I come almost everyday with my mom, and I'm told I make the treatments even more relaxing. I enjoy being pet while you wait to go in for treatments, and most of the time I look like the saddest dog, so I'm used to getting lots of pets. My favorite is the head and ears. I might look like the the saddest dog but really life is great. I get to hang out at work all day and in the summer sleep in the sun on our pattio at work!

If you have any issues that I'm here please let mom know ahead, and I can spend some time with Granddaddy dog downstairs. I'm hypo-allergenic so if allergies are a problem fear not!

I hope to meet you when you come visit!