Body treatments are the perfect answer to tired, overworked and weary bodies. Just like our great holistic facials, all our natural skin care products combine nature’s purest ingredients to nurture and protect the skin while comforting and soothing you in mind and spirit.


Original Self Tan Treatment 60min | $75

The Original Treatment is a luxurious pampering hour-long treat which delivers exceptionally smooth, rich bronze results. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to prepare the skin for tanning. The therapist will then custom-blend the Bronzing Lotion and apply to the entire body before buffing to finish.

Revitalizing Back Facial      45min | $60

A facial for your back! Its a great way to treat back acne or dry skin. The back facial is a luxurious but high-intensity treatment that involves powerful cleansing, toning, exfoliation and then extraction (if needed). At the end, once the pores are closed and balance is restored, the session is completed as the back is moisturized during a full, relaxing, hydrating massage.