Suffused with Life from Head to Foot

Dr. Hauschka’s holistic skin care line is the pioneer of natural ingredients. They provide therapeutic products made from plants that are cultivated without the use of chemical or mechanical influence. These skin care preparations are designed to support and encourage the skin’s ability to take care of itself. Renew and revitalize while certified organic and biodynamic products are expertly applied and your skin needs are tended to.


Classical Treatment 2hr | $155

This 2 hour head-to-toe pampering is the most complete and holistic of the Dr. Hauschka treatments. Your entire physical and emotional being is considered. Treatment includes a foot bath, color therapy, aromatherapy compresses, lymphatic stimulation, massage, ampules, and therapeutic masks. You awaken to renewed energy and sense of well-being. The skin’s natural radiance shines forth revealing inner beauty.

A person needs two beauties,
an inner and an outer one.
— Elisabeth Sigmund

Relaxation Treatment     60min | $90

This treatment is great for all skin types. Includes colour therapy, lymphatic stimulation, a soothing décolleté massage, uplifting aromatherapy compresses, therapeutic masks and application of day care products.

Cleansing Treatment      90min | $110

This treatment includes a deep cleanse with our cleansing clay mask, extractions, lymphatic stimulation, ampules, therapeutic mask, décolleté massage, and application of day care products. This treatment will be personalized for your particular skin type and needs.