Get ready to experience attentive, carefully shaped ‘dry treatment’ massage therapy, known as fascial release, at Curative Massage.


Fascia is a connective web in the body – compare it to the rind, pith, and spokes of an orange or the marbled effect and trimmed edge of a cut of meat – that holds muscles in place. Fascial release means skillfully resetting the way muscles rest and breaking the holding pattern that creates muscle tension and misalignment by using slow, gliding movements; releasing specific pressure points; and employing advanced muscle and tendon techniques.

Just as its namesake implies, dry treatment does not incorporate oils or lotions. Yes, that means you can carry on with your day right after your session.

Dry Treatment at Curative Massage
Many Curative Massage clients report a greater systemic awareness of the causes of pain or discomfort in their bodies and how they might take action to reduce or prevent chronic soreness or occasional flare-ups. In Emily’s experience, most clients find dry treatment offers a less ‘bruise-y’ feel during and after massage.

Dry treatment is a go-to staple for Emily in her own self-care routine: as a registered massage therapist, she finds dry treatment improves her posture and eases her muscle tension. For Emily, the most important factor in dry treatment is the long-lasting results she’s experienced.