Chamomile Hydrosol

sooth and calm

You can smell the calm in this hydrosol, it’s powerfully diffusive, fresh, sweet-warm fruity/herbal aroma with green apple peel and pear-like notes. It’s used to calm the appearance of acne, redness (whether from sunburns or rosacea), or any type of skin inflammation. Great for the most sensitive skin and problematic skin. And for baby care, chamomile hydrosol can be added in small amounts to bath water or misted onto bedding to help little ones fall asleep.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile

Origin: Robertson Farm, Nova Scotia, Canada

Usage: Mist your face generously before applying face oil or cream. Also used for soothing the most sensitive skin. Calming and sedating for bath and bedtime.

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are plant spirit essences which capture the soul and energy of the plant. Our hydrosols are created by steam distillation, using a copper almebic still. They are created for the sole purpose of hydrosol, therefore all the essential oils from the plant are entwined in the water too. These are special to us as they are created right here in Nova Scotia. True farm to face skincare!

100ml $20