Certified Dr.Hauschka Estheticians are experts in caring for the skin, employing unique, time-tested methods that clarify, calm and balance skin conditions with gentle, non-invasive but powerfully effective techniques, guiding you through all the changes and cycles of life toward lasting skin radiance and health.

Certified Dr.Hauschka Estheticians are professionals. Their intensive training includes esthetics licensing, but also extends beyond it to the unique principles and thorough science underlying the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care holistic approach. Estheticians and cosmetologists who have completed the comprehensive certification program are recognized as holistic care providers and professional practitioners of a respected skill.

They have studied the synergy of botanicals and minerals at the heart of all Dr.Hauschka preparations, allowing the inherent properties of natural substances to inform their product choices and guide a client’s skin to a state of balance and health.

They are also well-versed in the art of touch. Dr.Hauschka signature treatments are based on a deep appreciation for the power human touch has to transform the skin. Using an orchestration of rhythmical brush strokes, Certified Dr.Hauschka Estheticians stimulate the flow of lymph to filter impurities, support the immune system and encourage skin renewal.

Most importantly, Certified Dr.Hauschka Estheticians are committed not only to the health of your skin, but to your overall well-being, serving you professionally and with the personal care required to bring about lasting transformation.


The Benefits of Lymph Stimulation

Soft brushes glide gently over the skin. Breathing slows, tension slips away. Clients experiencing lymph stimulation as part of their Dr.Hauschka treatment describe a sensation of being transported to a place of deep relaxation and peace. Often overlooked, the lymphatic system plays a significant role in the body’s functioning, filtering impurities from the body, supporting the immune system, and maintaining the fluid balance in the tissues. Lymph fluid is formed in the tissues and flows toward the heart through a complexsystem of lymph capillaries, vessels and nodes, following largely the same path as the venous system. 

Natural rhythmic pulsations within the lymph vessels propel lymph fluid along its cleansing path. Our modern, mostly sedentary life and rich diet can inhibit the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system and our skin can pay the price.

Dr.Hauschka Treatment creator, Elisabeth Sigmund recognized that gentle, rhythmic lymph stimulation could effectively boost the health of the skin. At her clinic in Sweden during the 1950s, Elisabeth Sigmund incorporated lymph-stimulating hand and brush strokes into her facial treatments and the results were undeniable. All skin conditions showed improvement. Elisabeth and her clients had discovered a secret to healthy, radiant skin.

Expanding on these observations, Elisabeth Sigmund developed a two-hour treatment based around lymph stimulation, a technique that remains at the heart of the world-renowned Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment to this day. Certified Dr.Hauschka Estheticians are trained to use Elisabeth Sigmund’s time-tested techniques to encourage lymph flow, to deeply relax and improve the complexion.