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Argital - Natural Skincare Based on Marine Green Clay

Argital was founded in Milan in 1976 with the aim of studying the properties of green clay and formulating natural skincare. Within a few years, Argital became a leader in the production of natural green clay-based cosmetics that are free from preservatives, perfumes and other synthetic substances. In addition to the marine green clay, Argital uses exclusively certified natural ingredients in all of its products. The fragrances of its products are derived from infusions of pure essential oils blended with herbal extracts. The quality of its products is also connected to its manufacturing location. For this reason, in 2005 the company moved its operational headquarters to Sicily, to a location that is sunny, breezy and clean, that sits in front of the Mediterranean Sea and close to the pit from which the green clay is excavated. The collaborators in Argital are 40 employees; young, capable and motivated.



Argital Allergen Free* is an innovative range of high-quality natural cosmetics with Violet Extract and Green Clay gel, without essential oils. A very gentle range of products suitable for treating a range of skin sensitivities or imbalances, especially those whose skin no longer tolerates scents, preservatives, artificial colourings and chemical agents. The Allergen Free range can also be used as a base range for everyone. Argital Allergen Free products do not contain ingredients of animal derivation and is therefore recommended for vegetarians and vegans in particular.

Organic Violet extract is the basis of our Allergen Free range because of its effective eudermic, skin-soothing properties and its ability to treat sensitive or problematic skin. Added to this are the protective and anti-ageing properties of Green Clay gel. The Allergen Free range of products can be used daily for the face as it is extremely gentle.

We chose aluminium or glass for our packaging** because they have the following advantages, with respect to plastic:
1. They better preserve the product
2. They are noble materials
3. They are recyclable